Diversity Training

Diversity Training

Diversity training  in South Africa is becoming more and more important. Not only is it a legal requirement for South African organisations to accelerate the hiring of a more diverse workforce, but we live in an ever increasing globalized world, where business is done across international demographic and cultural boundaries.

South Africa is a relatively young democracy and for a country that has a history of legal racial segregation, the real challenge is to move beyond seeing diversity training as an issue of compliance, but rather as part of a strategic process of creating an inclusive environment in which each member of the community is valued, recognized and respected and can contribute their unique talents to further the goals of a diverse organization.

In order for diversity training to work, it is critical that it has the support of top level leadership, who must clearly articulate the importance of diversity as a value and a business objective. It must challenge ingrained biases and become the primary driver of change in organizational culture.

The purpose of diversity training must not only be to increase awareness of workplace diversity, but to develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge to be able to communicate more profoundly with others and to empathize with the beliefs, values and customs of others.

Benefits of diversity training:

  • In a worldwide survey of three million employees on diversity, it was found that creating an inclusive and harmonious environment was a key driver in employee engagement and commitment.
  • Diversity training increases collaboration.
  • It is only when employees are given the space and freedom to see and experience the world in diverse ways that we give people the freedom and permission o release individual thought. This is the real driver for innovation and creativity.
  • Increase empathy and understanding of team members which leads to greater productivity.

At Leadershift our diversity training does not focus on categorizing and labeling the differences between people, but rather in getting people to “see” differently – to shift their thinking from seeing categories and to see the individual and her hopes, dreams and passions. The purpose is to move beyond all that makes us different and to look at our common humanity.

Diversity Training

Objectives of our diversity training:

  • Increase diversity and cultural awareness when dealing with colleagues and customers
  • Improve communication with others.
  • Develop an increased sense of empathy when communicating with others and to move beyond seeing categories of people and to “see” the individual.
  • Develop skills to resolve conflict more effectively.
  • To understand how and why ethical dilemmas and value differences arise.

Diversity training content:

Module One: Cultural awareness in the workplace

–           Traditions, customs, lifestyles and beliefs of others

–           Cultural norms and differences

–           Awareness of verbal and non-verbal communication

–           Listening to others and the use of empathy

Module Two: South African values and value conflicts

–           Human dignity

–           Equality and non-racism

–           Universal moral principles

–           Failure to respect others

–           DISC Personality types (Personal assessment for learners)

Module Three: Skills for handling and resolving conflict

–           Feelings and emotions in conflict situations

–           Active listening and resolving disputes

–           Reasoning and role playing

–           Informal and formal conflict management

–           Four steps to resolving workplace conflict 

      Module four: Ensuring that effective working relationships are maintained

–           Knowledge and understanding of others

–           Adaptability and flexibility

–           Encouragement, positive reinforcement and team work

–           Trust and Shared Values: keys to developing constructive relationships


Contact Eddie Botes from Leadershift on 061 431 9151 to discuss your diversity training needs and to provide a quote. Alternatively send an e-mail to eddie@leadershift.co.za. Contact Eddie if you are looking for a diversity speaker.