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Eddie Botes is a top motivational speaker based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is the founder of Leadershift. For almost a decade and a half, Eddie has been inspiring and challenging audiences to think differently in a world that is changing faster than we can imagine. As a motivational speaker and trainer he has worked in eight countries with audiences as diverse as corporate executives in multi-national organizations to traditional leaders from some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Eddie is passionate about the pursuit of learning and the gaining of new knowledge. He is a student of the great thinkers and is particularly interested in the changing nature of work and how it will impact on individuals and organizations going into the future.

Eddie’s authentic, engaging and dynamic presentation style combined with meaningful content will push the boundaries of your current thinking and challenge you to see yourself, your company and other people through new lenses. He has the ability to connect with audiences across the boundaries of age, gender, race, social status or belief system and the message he leaves will linger long in the minds of delegates and inspire them to take meaningful action.

Marcel Proust has said “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Most significant breakthroughs have come only as a result of a courageous break with traditional ways of thinking. If you are looking for a top motivational speaker that will challenge current thinking and get your staff to see the world through new lenses, then book motivational speaker Eddie Botes today for your next conference. Eddie will tailor make his presentation to suit the particular culture of your organization and the unique theme of your conference. You won’t get a “canned” presentation here.

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Motivational speaker South Africa


This presentation explores a brief history of our species and the incredible and prolific rate of change that has taken place in our world. We look at some of the major forces and trends impacting the future of work and the world in the next few decades. Packed with great research and thought provoking insights this presentation will give audience members a glimpse of how we can adapt and thrive in a changing and turbulent world.

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Why is leadership so important ? At no time in the history of the world has change taken place at a more accelerated rate than what we are currently experiencing. The world is being shaped and influenced by industries that in the not too distant past never even existed and industries that previously dominated have become all but redundant. Research has shown that the likelihood that an industry leader will lose its top position within five years has doubled since 1972. Despite the fact that we live in a vastly different world we still cling onto the rule books of the past. Organizations still operate from an Industrial age mindset and our education systems globally are still largely geared to provide solutions and prepare learners for a world gone by. If we are going to thrive in the new economy, we cannot operate from an outdated “mind map”.

If we listen to the voices of individuals, there is an increasing sense of frustration and discouragement. People are feeling as though they are micromanaged and their creative energies stifled. There is a feeling of emptiness and a lack of meaning. Many individuals feel undervalued and underutilized and are yearning for a feeling of significance in the world. Despite all the remarkable progress we have made in technology, product innovation and global markets, the majority of individuals out there are not thriving in the organisations that they are part of. They are not fulfilled and lack passion. They are not entirely clear about where they or their organisation is headed or what its highest priorities are and don’t feel that they have much control either in changing anything. Today’s world is fantastically complex and requires all of a leaders capacity, and the shared capacity of the team to stay competitive and effective.

This presentation is about shifting our leadership paradigms to create the kind of culture that drives exceptional performance.

Business motivational speaker South Africa


Throughout the history of our species, we have always been enthralled at the tales of individuals with great natural talent. At the recent Olympics in London, we marvelled at the strength, skill, endurance, speed and agility of the athletes. We are inspired and in awe of the musical and artistic geniuses around us. If you consider greatness in any field of endeavour, it has always been associated with a “divine spark” of some sort, a gift from the Gods. Throughout time, we have been obsessed with explaining why some people succeed and others don’t. What is that distinguishing factor?. Is it nature or nurture – genetics or environment. Decades of research has been conducted in this area and the evidence points to the following two facts:

• The correlation between IQ and exceptional performance is rather frail in many areas, including chess, music and academia.
• The perception of “natural talent” or ability from an early age is no indication of later exceptional performance with many researchers referring to talent as a myth.

So, what makes the difference then? Why is it that so many of us can spend years in our industry and never improve? This presentation will equip you with the attitudes, knowledge and practical tools to start the journey toward peak performance, whatever your chosen field.

Business motivational speaker South Africa


If you want to increase sales, stop selling, rather get people to buy. What sets the world’s top sales influencers apart from the rest of us? Their business is to make us comply and their livelihoods depend on it. Those who do not know how to influence soon fall away, while master influencers stay and flourish. This presentation looks at the psychological drivers and principles of influence and how we can use them to improve sales. Designed for sales professionals that want to improve their sales results, this insightful presentation will provide delegates with the attitudes, tools and knowledge to become master influencers.

Business motivational speaker South Africa
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Business motivational speaker South Africa 

 He is a professional member of the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa, and the International federation for professional speakers and is based in Cape Town, South Africa. Eddie is the immediate past President of the Cape Town chapter of the Professional speakers association of Southern Africa. He has spoken and trained extensively in Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa

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