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Corporate Culture

Organizational Culture and Adaptive Leadership Specialists

The real work of Leaders and organizations these days is not just to develop strategies but to ensure that the organization is both capable
and energized to deliver the strategy. This is the “soft stuff” of leadership and often delegated to management to sort out. In a VUCA world, it is the hard work of Leadership and an absolute essential for business success.

What we are talking about is an organization’s DNA. Just as in nature, when the environment changes, organisms need to adapt or evolve their DNA to match what is emerging. The most adaptable is what survives and thrives. This is true in nature and is equally true in the world of work.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most responsive to change”

– Charles Darwin –

The single most important contributor to successfully implementing any
strategy is organizational culture. This is the manifestation of DNA. Corporate culture is a notoriously slippery concept and sometimes tough to define.

It is the cumulative set of shared values, attitudes, mindsets and behaviours exhibited by a group of people, and is created over some time by the experiences, systems, goals and habits of the organization and the people in it. Your Leadership team is the biggest influencer of your corporate culture.

A Leadership team that operates as a focused, cohesive unit can create a safe, high-purpose environment where teams can successfully innovate and navigate a changing world. The Keystone Culture process is a sustainable methodology of getting teams to be laser focused on their highest priorities and to internalize the habits that would drive that success.

Our Work                     Our Approach

Leadershift was founded in 2009 as a boutique  organizational culture and adaptive leadership specialist consultancy. We spend the majority of our waking hours in our place of employment. Yet according to a Harvard Business Review survey, 58% of people reveal that they would rather trust a stranger over their direct leader.

Organizations have a significant opportunity to treat people in a different way, a way that energizes, provides purpose, and leads to personal growth and increased performance. Building a strong culture leads to a stronger business. As organizational culture and adaptive leadership specialists we can work with you to build a unique culture that works on a human level. 


We only work with organizations who are prepared to make organizational culture a priority in their business. Typically, we partner with businesses over a few months, helping them to implement our Keystone Culture process. Alternatively, we also offer training programs that show you how the whole process works. You then implement the process yourself.

We acknowledge that some companies are further along the road on their culture journey than others and so will find the best possible solutions for our clients. We are happy to discuss your challenges and objectives and tailor make a process  that will meet your unique needs.



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